(TOP) "Susy" landing, (BOTTOM - L-R) Mustang "Janie", Rob Davies' T-6, TFC's Corsair (KEVIN ROWETT)

This lovely selection of pictures from the airshow were taken by Kevin Rowett - enjoy! © Kevin Rowett.

(ABOVE) The Arrow Acive II in classic pose.

(BELOW) Nice 'uncluttered' shot of the Buchon.

(ABOVE) DHC Chipmunk looking poised for some serious streamer clipping.

(BELOW) The Corsair post display.

(BELOW) Brian Brown back-tracking in the Hurricane...

(BOTTOM) ... and leading the Jungmeister duo.

(TOP) One of the Junkers limps home - the rear gunner still ever-vigilant despite the smoking motor up front!

(BELOW) Matador take-off.

(ABOVE) Matador lining up for one of their breath-taking opposition moves.

(BELOW) Maurice Hammond's P-51 Mustang 'Janie' - one of THREE Mustangs at Breighton during the show.

(BELOW) Taff bringing the Mew Gull home.

(ABOVE) The Nieuport replica showing the bad guys a clean pair of heals.

(BELOW) Pleasing study of the Spitfire with Breighton's last surviving T-2 in the distance.

(ABOVE) A visiting Boeing Stearman Kaydet.

(BELOW) The two T-6/Harvards keeping tight formation.

(ABOVE) Hairy moment for The Black Baron - a sudden shift in wind direction doing its level best to relaunch the DR1 - happily no damage to pilot or aircraft.