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Yorkshire Airfield

The Real Aeroplane Club

Joining the Real Aeroplane Club is a great way to support and participate in our activities at Breighton Airfield. There are two levels of membership to choose from, each intended to offer the optimum benefit and value for money to your particular requirement. These are Full Flying Membership and Social Membership.

This is normally intended for pilots with aircraft based at Breighton who hold or have held a pilot's licence. Facilitates 2 votes.

(Previously Associate Membership & Museum Membership)
This membership is intended for pilots or aircraft owners not based at Breighton, Students of York Flying School, and non-flying enthusiasts/supporters who regularly use the facilities and wish to take part in club affairs/ events. This category entitles the member and their family (living in the same house) to airfield admission.

Club members should always carry their membership cards when visiting the airfield.

Renewal date is 1st January each year. Please note that we have withdrawn pro-rata subscriptions therefore membership subscription fees remain full price whenever you join, regardless of the time of year.

To Join

If you would like to join the Real Aero Club, please complete the PDF form (click here) by printing out and filling in the required details. Once satisfied that these details are correct, post to:

The Administrator or Treasurer, The Real Aeroplane Club,
The Aerodrome,
North Yorkshire YO8 6DS

Telephone: (01757) 289065

The preferred payment method is BACS. Our bank details are:

Sort Code 09-01-27
Account No. 44906885
and use your name and/or membership number as the reference


Club Constitution


The objective of “The Club” is to promote the amateur sport of flying with particular emphasis on historic, home built and ”real” aeroplanes and to work in conjunction with The Real Aeroplane Co Ltd “RACo” the airfield owners and operators. A Committee will be formed to carry out the running of the Club. It will consist of:

Honorary President: Term life.

Chairman: Term of 2 years reviewed at AGM.

Membership Secretary/Treasurer: Term of 2 years reviewed at AGM.

Members regalia/events co-ordinator: Term of 2 years reviewed at AGM.

Three committee members to represent the membership: Term of 2 years reviewed at AGM.

RACo Chief pilot.



  • Overall control of the committee and monthly meetings.
  • Liason with RACo
  • Implementation of committee decisions and RACo rules/requirements for the safe operation of the airfield and resident aircraft.

Membership Secretary/Treasurer

  • Receive all monies
  • Keep accurate accounts.
  • Request/implement payments for services/repairs/purchases
  • Keep an inventory of club equipment and property
  • Process new club member applications
  • Produce club member renewal documentation

Committee members

  • To assist the principal officers as required
  • To represent the various members whether aircraft owners or associate/museum members.

Annual General Meetings – AGM

The Chairman and committee will call an AGM annually. The AGM annual report will be presented by the chairman and will give:

  • A review of the preceding year’s events and activities
  • Provide an outline of the previous year’s successes and failures
  • A financial statement of the club in conjunction with the treasurer
  • Provide updates from the airfield owner’s RACo

At least 14 days notice of the AGM will be given to members via the club website and clubhouse notice board. Annual subscriptions and fees will be decided at the AGM.

All AGM meetings will have an Agenda and be documented by the chairman.

Voting of any proposals will be by show of hands and proposals will have a seconder.

Anyone who disrupts the AGM will be requested to leave.

Extraordinary General Meetings

The Chairman will convene EGM’s on receipt of a written request by not less than 10 members of the club stating the business to be brought to the EGM of which 28 days notice has been given to all club members in writing stating the business to be discussed.

Disciplinary action

Any complaint concerning any members must be made in writing and signed by the complainant(s). This will be forwarded to the chairman and will be discussed with the committee. The committee may impose a suspension not exceeding 60 days upon any member in the event of misconduct. Any suspension will be put in writing as appropriate.

Club members will be given a verbal warning by an authorised committee member in which the member will be made aware of his/her misdemeanour and what they will be required to do to make amends.

The Committee reserves the right to terminate any club member’s membership and deny access to club events. In the event of dismissal the member’s current membership fee will be reimbursed.

Dissolution of the club

Should it be considered necessary/desirable to dissolve the club, the committee will call an EGM. The reasons for dissolution will be outlined to members present and a request to dissolve the club will be made by majority vote. On dissolution and after the sale of any club assets, settlement of all outstanding debts and refund of subscriptions for the remaining part of the year, any funds left will be distributed to charities which will be agreed by the EGM.


Classes of membership

Full flying membership - Intended for Pilots with aircraft at Breighton. Facilitates 2 votes.

Associate flying member – Intended for Pilots/aircraft owners who’s aircraft is based elsewhere but who wish to use the Club facilities. Facilitates 1 vote.

Museum membership – Intended for non flying enthusiasts and supporters and entitles the members for admission to the airfield (except on certain event dates). No vote entitlement.

All members should carry their Membership card and be prepared to show on request.

Membership refusal

The club committee may refuse a proposed new member or current member on the grounds of character, their general conduct, financial probity or conduct which has or may be likely to bring the club or RACo into disrepute. In the case of a current member being refused further membership then the membership will be withdrawn and a month’s notice will be given in writing, a refund of the remaining part of the membership will be made.

Registration of members contact details

All members will provide the club secretary/treasurer with a current contact address, contact phone Number and next of kin details, electronic addresses would be appreciated. These details shall not be provided to any third parties without member’s authority. The club will comply with the requirements in the use of data under the Data Protection act.


Subscription period for all classes of membership will run from 31st December for twelve months. Subscriptions are due on or before the end of December. Payment of subscriptions shall be considered as acceptance of and consent to the rules and constitution of the club. All paid members have the right to vote at AGM’s.


The premises and fittings are the property of RACo. Furniture, computers, TV’s /radio equipment are the property of the club. Members and their guests/family /friends will treat the premises and fittings with due respect and will report any damage/breakages to a committee member. Gambling or any unlawful acts not permitted in any part of the airfield or premises.

Café facilities

RACo will request tenders from suitable parties to operate the cafe. The providers will be suitably competent and will operate the facilities in conjunction with hygiene /health regulations and have full Public Liability Insurance cover.

The club will be responsible for maintenance contracts on equipment within the kitchen area.

RACo will determine the opening hours and levels of service required. The club will provide suitable feedback from the members on the operation of the cafe.

The Club is not licensed to sell intoxicating liquor.


Members introducing visitors shall be responsible for their behaviour and shall remain with them whilst on the RACo site/premises. Any visitors will be made aware of “airside” risks and be duly escorted by the member. They will be required to make sure they do not interfere or damage any aircraft contained or operated from the airfield.

Children/young persons

Children/young persons under the age of 18yrs shall only be permitted to the RACo premises on the understanding that the member/guardian introducing them is responsible for their safety and behaviour at all times.

Responsibility for damage

The club and RACo shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage caused by accident, negligence or otherwise to aircraft or articles left in aircraft or on any part of the premises. Aircraft and motor vehicles and other machines are accepted for storage, maintenance or handling at “OWNERS RISK” only.


Any member shall be responsible for making good any damage/breakages that they or their guests cause to any RACo/club property.

Removal of club/RACo property

No member shall remove RACo/club property from the premises/airfield.

Parking of Motor vehicles and use Airside.

All motor vehicles will park in the appropriate car parking areas. Under NO circumstances will cars drive airside UNLESS the owner/member has been given permission by either RACo or the chief pilot. Airside use of motor vehicles is only allowed if appropriate liability insurance is in force ie an extension of an aircraft insurance policy.

Security issues.

RACo operates CCTV of which the images are recorded for the safety of members/visitors and for the prevention of crime and to protect Company property.

The Clubhouse will be secured by the last authorised member to leave and they will turn off any computers/TV’s lighting. They will check all doors are secure and lock the final exit door on leaving.

Hangar 2 which contains the Fire truck will be duly checked and the door closed and padlocked on final exit again by the authorised member.

All aircraft owners will make sure their hangar is fully secure prior to leaving the airfield UNLESS they are aware that other aircraft/hangar users are on site.

Fire Safety

RACo in conjunction with their Insurers will regularly assess the premises/airfield to comply with the Regulating Reform (fire safety) order 2005.Any action notices will be communicated to aircraft owners and the club committee. Club members/aircraft owners are required to implement any risk improvements communicated by RACo and comply within given timeframes.

Periodic inspections of hangars will be carried out and requests to remove such things as portable electrical equipment deemed unsafe /removal of waste ie oil rags/ removal of paints flammable chemicals or fuel in portable cans can be made by RACo and must be complied with by club members/aircraft owners.

RACo are responsible for publishing “Hangar Rules” which will be provided in writing to aircraft owners and the club committee as appropriate.

Commercial Businesses

No member or aircraft owner will operate a business from the airfield unless they have discussed and agreed with RACo that they may do so. This includes instruction, air experience or any other commercial service. RACo will discuss remuneration for using their airfield together with levels of Insurance.


Dogs are allowed on the airfield providing they are under control and suitably restrained ie lead/harness. Owners will be responsible for appropriate hygienic waste removal.

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